Here in the “Miner Images Stereo Gallery” you’ll find several stereo images to try out your new free-viewing skills on. Most of them will be easy for a beginner to see the 3D. A few may be a little more difficult: Keep trying, you’ll get it. The majority of the stereo images here are mine. I shot them in some interesting places I’ve visited over the years. Some of them are ‘experiments’ I’ve tried…Most of those work fairly well. There are also a number of very good stereo images from other people and resources such as NASA.


If you have never tried to ‘free-view’ a stereo image (viewing without the aid of a device or glasses) you should vist the tutorial page first. You’ll be glad you did…

“How To Free-View Stereo Images”

  • To see the stereo image click on the thumbnail image or on its title in the ‘read more’ pop-up.
  • To read more about the image and its subject hover over or touch the ‘About It’. You can also click the image’s title to view it.
  • To close an image and return to the gallery just click anywhere on the dark area of the page.
  • I hope you enjoy these stereo images. All of them are copyrighted by Eric Miner/‘The Miner Bits’ unless otherwise noted.